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Karate Black Belts

Sportique Ltd.....Providing Quality Embroidered Black Belts to
Descerning Martial Artists WorldWide

Wear Your Qualifications With Pride

Our Karate Black Belts are made to the same high standard as our TaeKwon-Do Black Belts, with a standard width of 52mm (2 inches) and a length to allow double wrap. The Dan bars can be set virtical or horizontal to suit your personal preference and can be roman numerals or streight bars.
All our current stock designs can be seen in our "Karate Black Belt Interactive Design Selector", if none of these designs are what you are looking for then contact us and request a quotation for your specific requirements.
You can also choose your embroidery thread colour, even have a different colour on each end. Add your nickname to the center back of the belt.

Embroidered Black Belts, ITF Black Belts, Personalised Black Belts

Karate Black Belt

Karate Black Belt

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Make Your Karate Black Belt Personal to You
Our Stock Designs availble for the Karate belt can be seen on the "Karate Black Belt Interactive Design Selector". You can also choose the type and position of the Dan Bars, even choose the Thread Colour you have the embroidery sewn with. If you prefer why not design your own belt from scratch. Contact us by email to discuss designs and cost. (NOTE:- Additional charges may be applicable to custom designs)

Please follow these instructions carefully. Remember we make each belt to order, what you ask for is what you will get, so please check the details before adding to your cart

1) Tell us what you want adding to the belt, e.g. Your Name, Your Club/School, Your Association or even a special length Type this in the box provided as you want it to appear on the belt.

2) Tell us the Style you would like your name to be embroidered in by first going to our Name Style Selector. Choose the name style your require then select it in the Name Style DropDown.

3) Tell us the design of your belt by first going to our "Karate Interactive Design Selector" choose the designs you require for End A and End B then select them in the DropDown. If none of our Stock designs are suitable then select "My Custom Design" in the dropdown then send us a picture of what it is you require. (NOTE:- Additional charges may be applicable for custom designs)

4) Tell us the Dan Grade your require on your design. If no grade is needed then select the "No Grade Req'd" option

5) Tell us the length you need by selecting one of our standard lengths, or for a special length add the required length to the Name Box right after your name. Select the "Custom Length" option in the Select Belt Length dropdown.

6) Choose the thread colour for your embroidery. Yellow (Gold) thread colour is shown in the picture. (Note:- Additional charges may be applicable for custom thread colours)

7) Choose the Dan Bar direction, either Virtical of Horizontal. (Note:- Horizontal direction is shown in the Design Selector)

8) Choose the Dan Bar style, either Roman Numeral or Streight Bar ((Note:- Streight bars are shown in the Design Selector)

If none of our stock designs are suitable then please email your requirements to us for a price and delivery quotation

Price Per Belt 29.95

Shipping is added at Check Out

Your Name and/or Other Details to be added to you belt


Embroidered Black Belts, ITF Black Belts, Personalised Black Belts

Note: - All Black Belt Stock Designs featured in this WebShop are the property of Sportique Ltd and are protected by Copyright and Design Right. Reproduction of these designs in any format whatsoever, including Printed Format (e.g. brochures, catalogues), Electronic Format (e.g. displayed on a website, used in email promotions) or Manufactured Format (e.g. production of Black Belts using these designs) is strictly forbidden without the written consent of Sportique Ltd.
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